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Your Development 

Development circles or groups are for people that are interested in starting out on their spiritual own spiritual path or for people that are looking to expand their knowledge further and even for those that are more experienced. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, you should always be a part of a group to enhance your awareness of both the Psychic and mediumship, this can also include your ability of healing. During the time spent in the group you will learn how to use every part of your senses both internal and external through guided meditation and by using a variety of tools from Tarot/Oracle cards, colour/ribbon reading, psychometry and much, much more. We will also work a lot with energy and how spirit work and use energy to make contact through Mediumship, Trance, Table tipping and healing and more. The development group is aimed to be fun and interesting and to get you use to the idea of working in front of people.

A circle or group are designed to be interactive and although this isn’t compulsory more is gained personally by joining in. They are usually held every week for normally a couple of hours, you can have two kinds of circles, open or closed. Open means that different people are allowed to join the group from week to week. Although this is a great idea the energy within the group can vary and sometimes unsettle the group. The closed circle is where the group/s remains the same every week allowing the energy within the group to grow and become stronger and sometimes allowing for better phenomena to happen.


Workshops can be any length from a day to a whole week and are held on many subjects dependent on your interest. Nick holds different types of workshops from Mediumship and Trance and healing. The Mediumship workshop has elements of his development circles/groups giving you the opportunity through the course to experience all aspect of Mediumship on different levels.


The Trance course is for those that are more interested the physical side of Mediumship as Nick takes you through different levels of trance and helps you to understand the use of energy and the closeness of the spirit world with the use of different methods; this is one not to be missed.

Nick also gives workshops on Healing and Trance healing giving you the chance to learn how work with the healing energy of spirit and also with your own spirit doctor through trance. Trance healing or psychic surgery as it’s also known is one of the most powerful forms of healing and a beautiful way to give healing.

There is a weekly healing circle held every Wednesday starting at 7pm, the group is open to anyone interested in learning about the basics of healing and to also receive healing.

There is also a weekly Psychic and Mediumship development group held every Friday at 7pm, this is open to all that would like to learn and expand their minds

If you are interested in either groups please contact Nick on 07970 668307 for more information or to have your name on the list for availability as the groups are very popular.