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Physical Trance Mediumship

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What is Trance?

Trance is an allowance for spirit to blend their energy and mind with yours, it is also where you allow yourself to leave your physical body in order for spirit to come forward in their true form. It’s a wonderful feeling and full of love and compassion and trust from both sides.

Trance comes in different forms, from trance figuration to Physical Trance and direct voice and channelling and has been used for many, many years

Physical Trance Mediumship is something that I hold very dear to my heart as I absolutely love everything about it, from the way that it feels right through to helping others get over the loss of a loved one and also to give philosophy. I have several spirit guides that work through me and each have their own purpose for coming through.

My first guide that came through in trance figuration and later in physical trance was Doctor John. He is a lovely man that was on the earth plain in the 1800s and was a doctor even back then. He now works through me when he I am doing healing. He has told me that he continues to teach in the spirit world and has a team of thirty six doctors and nurses that come through with him. They can also come through me when needed, depending on the clients’ ailments. Dr Ishma is a neurologist, Dr Julian works with scar and burns tissue. Dr John is very cheeky and also very nosey and loves a good chat; he has told me that when the time arises I will learn the names of the other doctors.

Two Hawks is a Native North American guide. He is my power guide and in some sense of the word my door keeper. He comes through to build my energy and to give philosophy and advice. He’s a very strong guide both in energy and presence but he is still very understanding and loving. He’s called Two Hawks because he owns two red tailed hawks which are very sacred to the Native Americans. You can ask him questions, but with the understanding that he is very straight and to the point.

Chow Leung is from china and is a lovely sweet man. He tells me that in his earthly life he was a scribe for a great emperor and that he had a son that was a warrior/soldier for the emperor. He doesn’t come through that often unfortunately.

Pachacuti, sole ruler of the Incan empire, is a very powerful guide and you can feel the energy coming from him. He doesn’t come through very often

Nick continues to work at developing what trance mediumship can do.

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