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Paranormal Investigations

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Although Nick is a Medium, He has always had a huge fascination with the paranormal and finding hard evidence that we can continue to visit or reside in place that we have a connection to thorough our physical life or in some cases death. He has seen many strange and wonderful things during the course of his own personal life through family ,work and when having taken part in Paranormal investigations across the Uk and abroad.

“I heard stories in the family of when I was a baby and we lived in a house on Louisville Rd, Battersea in London that there was often strange things going on in the house. In Particular of the cold spots on the stairs and the sound of someone walking up the stairs, yet no one was there”. “But the best story and one that I know is true, is of the cold room my middle sister Kim used to sleep in, Kim would often talk about an old man that she spoke to during the night, which of course my parents didn’t believe yet she would continue to talk about the man”. Kim doesn’t like talking about it and my dad was worse as it frightened him, but after he understood what I wanted to do for a living he I opened up a little to tell me his accounts”.

“Kims room was always cold and we couldn’t understand it, one evening I went upstairs to her bedroom to check on her and there was a shadow of a figure on wall that disappeared, later there was a scream and crying so I ran up and opened the door to find Kim in mid air in the arms of an old man”. “on another occasion I was working and Aunty Pat was baby sitting when she heard the front door open and close and someone go up the there, upon investigation she was half way up the stairs when a gust of wind went past her going down, of course when she went got upstairs there was no on there”.  “We had the vicar come round and did a exorcism on the house which did the trick”, through asking around my parents discovered that the old man that used to live there was in the garden cutting down some branches of the apple tree,when he fell and died. Is highly possible that this man never meant any harm to my sister or mean to frighten anyone, but was able to rejoin his loved ones in the spirit world.

Alot of people don’t realise that there is a difference between Spirit and Ghost and can easily get confused so let me explain.

A ghost is a memory of a person or indeed a place that get replayed just like film, mostly the very fabric of the build is holding the memory of the event that one happened or person that once lived there. This then explains why ghost walk through walls as in the memory there may have been a doorway, or the ghost that looks as though its walking through the floor,this is because the floor levels have changed since they lived there.

A spirit is an intelligent energy and able to interact and communicate in different ways, from moving and throwing things to making tapping sounds in response to questions and also talking through different specialist equipment. Spirit are also able to touch you and in some cases overshadow you so you can feel their presents more, and can make you feel differents things depending on the spirit.   It can be quite normal to get a sick or drowsy feeling and in other ways you might feel overly happy or emotional and even anger, but this all depends on the spirit that is making contact as they like to impress on you how they feel or how they were as a person when they lived.

Nick has been taking part in investigation since around 2000 when he moved to wales on an old farm that turn out to be haunted, from there Nick would be the guest Medium for various Team pic websitecompanies and even started his own group. Nick has now joined a new group called United by Spirit Paranormal Investigators and is more than just the medium but a full member and organiser. Nick felt that he needed to find a team that were more professional and who were really wanting to be working more for the true meaning of investigating and for the truth behind the paranormal and not just for Profit,

Nick found that with USPI as they are self funded and very professional and offer their services to both public and private places that don’t want people knowing that the place is potentially haunted. The team have work in a huge range of places and different parts of the UK and together they have over 40 years of experience collectively give the best possible experience to those that hire the team or join them on the public events. 

The team have a huge range of specialised equipment they they use from static and portable night vision cameras, EMF metres, thermal imager. voice boxes and much much more. During an investigation you’re able to use the equipment and take part in some of the experiments that the group do in order to get the spirit to interact with you.

Please take a look at the group’s facebook page unitedbyspiritparanormalinvestigators  for future events or to contact the team, if you feel that your workplace or private property is haunted and would like the team to investigate, please get in contact to arrange a meeting at your convenience via our [email protected] or call Nick on 07970 668307 or Christine on 07597 215830.