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Radio & Television

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Radio & Television

On the Radio

Nick is a host of his own 2 hour online Sunday radio show on Blogtalkradio called “The Nick Humphries Medium Show” where you can listen in and join in the show via the chat room and also call in for a free mini reading.

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So please join me for my fun packed show on Sunday at 8pm GMT 2pm EST. you can call the show for readings where I will link into the spirit world to give you evidence and guidance from loved ones passed.

To call the show please dial (619) 924-0852 for the US and 001(619) 924-08523 for the UK you can also call via skype on Blog Talk Radio – Feel Close to Spirit

The readings are free, with the added bonus that you can listen back in the archives at a later time if you need to remind yourself of what’s been said.

Also if you would like to dedicate a track to a loved one passed or present please email me the track name and the person it is for to the email at [email protected]

If you are a medium, holistic therapist or run a paranormal investigation group, Nick also offers you the chance to be a guest on the show where you can talk about yourself and also join in with the show. If your interested please get in contact. If that’s not enough Nick also invites you to join in on his crazy and amusing “Nick’s Mystery Mind Game” where you have a chance on winning a prize.

NPGPUick is also be co-hosting a new monthly show called PGPU “People for Global Peace and Unity” where we will be discussing topics like global peace, helping heal mother earth, religion, the medical world and Holistic therapies Conspiracy theories, Aliens and much more.

We will also be inviting guest and Charities on to talk about their work so far and what they expect to do in the future and how we can help and support them. Our aim for the radio show is to allow you “the listeners” to phone in to voice your views and opinion on the topics of the evening. One of the host will bring a subject that they wish to share and discus live on air and opening up for debate.

If you run a charity or you are spiritual or religious leader or a group trying to bring positiveness to the world please get in contact to be a guest.

39373 Nick Humphries Virtual Vision Logo size 2Nick also Co-host’s a second radio show on Virtual Vision Fm on Sundays right after the Nick Humphries Medium show. The show is an interactive current affairs talk show where listeners can call into talk about and debate on everything from religion, politics, world peace, economics, UFO’s, conspiracy theories and also free readings and much much more.

If you are interested in being a guest on the show to put forward your debate then please get in contact with your details and the subject you wish to discuss.

Online Spirituality Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Nick Humphries Host on BlogTalkRadioOn the Television

Nick is the first medium to be broadcast live on TV in Guwahati north east India on a channel called DY365 and is planning further shows on the Network and other networks in India, footage coming soon. please take a look at their site below.



Nick is very passionate about positive thinking, world peace and trying to make a difference in some way across the world. Nick is very fortunate to meet very like minded people who have all agreed to work together to make and help people see in a different way. One friend in India has started his own TV channel called PMTV Peace of Mind TV, please click on the link below to see more about this amazing channel.



In May 2014 Nick was Invited to appear on another TV channel called Prag  in Guwahati,  India where he was interviewed and also gave demonstrations of his work. Nick says, “I love going on TV in India as it really opens peoples minds to the spirit world and You can see the amazement in their eyes when I link to one of their loved ones.”





























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