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A Psychic Medium is the mediator or conduit between two worlds, the physical or earth plain and the spiritual plains (Heaven). He / she is able to connect to your loved ones. They can give you evidence of their survival through descriptions of them and any memories they wish to share with you. The memories are normally ones that you will both jointly remember. Occasionally spirit will give names, dates, and information about their passing. This is for you to be clearer as to who the medium has connected with. However, it must be remembered that sometimes the loved one that comes forward may not be someone that you remember or even met. In this instance information may be given about situations around you that you will recognise.

Psychic Mediums are not fortune tellers nor are they told any information about the Lottery or if someone is going to pass. Psychic Mediums will only ever give messages of love, guidance and support.

A psychic medium can communicate with spirit in different ways from seeing, hearing, sensing and feeling.

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Trance is an allowance for spirit to blend their energy and mind with yours. It is also where you allow yourself to leave your physical body in order for spirit to come forward in their true form.

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Psychics are people that are able to pick up information about a person or place by using their extrasensory perception alongside their other senses. By using this ability Psychic are able pick…

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