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Transition Healing

Death is a delicate and emotional subject and something we all face be it our own or a loved ones, yet we don’t really know what happens between the transition from the physical to the spiritual or even the circumstances that we pass over in. If we are in pain through illness or simply scared of the transition we can still all benefit from healing even at the very end of the physical life.

Healing comes in many forms from the Angelic, Reiki, spiritual and even Trance Healing, crystals to name just  a few. They all help aid conventional medicine and nearly all health problems and with fantastic results helping people get better.

Do you have a loved one that is suffering or scared and you feel helpless? If so I think this can help and here’s why.

Through my experience as a healer I have seen evidence that healing has been required to help aid the clients last few weeks and sometime days left on the physical world to be pain free, and then also aid the transition. We never really know how it truly feels for those that are taking their last breath, whether they are in pain or scared of the transition and at the moment there is no real healing that is offered to help people in their last weeks or their very last moments that can help bring peace to clients.

I offer a unique healing experience which covers those very topics and has already helped many in those last precious moments of the physical life. In the comfort of The Feel Closer to Spirit Centre, or at the place you feel most comfortable to be. I am also allowed to offer healing at hospitals and care homes with yours and theirs permission.

This is a unique, delicate and emotional healing session that I am offering and I am able to travel globally to help those that are in need of such healing. If you are interested in booking a session or would like to know more please contact me through the contact page and I will give you an affordable quote for the healing session.

(Nick is never told by spirit and they would never tell Nick that someone is going to pass to spirit; transition healing is designed for those that are the last steps of life and need that little bit more help).