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What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient healing system. It uses the practitioner as a channel for healing energy to enter the client from source. In order to practice Reiki, the practitioner must receive the reiki attunements from a Reiki master in three stages. These attunements open the practitioners energy channels & clears them of obstruction. Because Reiki energy does not come directly from the practitioner, it does not deplete the practitioner of their energy. Rather the practitioner also benefits from an energy boost & healing. Although there are designated hand positions for a treatment, in practical terms it does not matter where the hands are placed as the Reiki energy will go to exactly where it is most needed in the body. As such, the practitioner does not even have to be in the same country as the client in order to administer Reiki. This is the essence of distance healing. Reiki can only ever do good. It will not cause any harm or adverse effects to the client, nor will it interfere in any conventional medical treatment that is ongoing. Instead it acts as a fantastic addition to any conventional treatment regime as it helps to strengthen the body, cleanse it & support it. Reiki will only ever reach a person if they are open to receiving it, therefore it can not be given against free will.

Who Can Benefit?

Absolutely everyone can benefit from Reiki. As it is a Universal healing energy it comes from a source of pure love. This makes it a fantastic choice of therapy for people who are suffering from serious, chronic illness. And because it is such a pure form of healing it is ideal to use in conjunction with existing medical treatment as it will enhance the treatment & support the body. The only time Helen would advice against using Reiki is on an unset fracture. This is because it is such a powerful energy that healing gets to work immediately & so if used on an unset fracture it can result in the bone not setting properly.

How Will It Help Me?

It will help you to relax & destress. Many clients feel as though they have gone to sleep during a treatment & this is good as it removes the conscious mind from the equation allowing the healing energy to penetrate through to where it is needed most. Some clients find that they leave the session with a renewed clarity & energy.

What Happens During The Treatment?

To begin with, Helen will take a comprehensive history from you regarding your medical health, diet & lifestyle. She will then get you to either lie or sit comfortably. Once you are comfortable Helen will scan your body with her hands & in this way pick up any ‘hot spots’. This will give her some guidance as to where the main problem area is. Often the main problem area is different to the one the client comes with, but is the causative factor of the complaint. Helen will then place her hands either on either side of your head or on your shoulders. When learning Reiki we are taught certain hand positions to use. However in reality it does not matter where the hands are placed as the energy will always go to where it is most needed. Generally speaking, Helen will play some soft relaxing music in the background.
How will it make me feel?

There are different feelings that may be experienced by both the client & the practitioner. The practitioner may feel the hands getting hot, cold, tingling or pulsing, or may not feel anything at all. The client may feel heat, cold, tingling or pulsing in a particular area of the body, or may feel nothing at all. This does not mean that nothing has happened! Trust that it has.
How Will I Feel After The Treatment?

After the session you may feel uplifted with a renewed sense of vigour & clarity. You may feel completely drained, tired, emotional, sometimes even confused. However, all these seemingly negative feelings are in fact good & should pass within 24-48 hours.

It is advisable to rest & relax after a session, drink plenty of water & have an early night. This enables the body to fully recuperate & for the healing to be most effective.

The holistic approach to a healthy life

How Much Does It Cost?

A session costs £35 & will last up to an hour

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