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Meditation and healing pyramid

Pyramids have been used for thousands of years going back to Egyptian and Mayan times and even older and have been used for burial chambers to sacrificial purposes. The common belief why the Egyptians used them as the burial chambers for the mummified bodies of kings was to help them to have easier travel to the afterlife and to protect them. The Mayans used there’s as part of the sacrificial ceremonies to give thanks to their gods, mother earth and father sky.

If we thinkPyramid for a minute about both ideas, you will see that they were using the pyramids to reach a higher energy, be it the afterlife or asking for a fertile one. The Egyptian in my view knew that the energy of the earth was pulled through and enhanced inside the pyramid itself and helped their dead to return or to the afterlife. But it’s my belief they truly thought that the healing properties was strong enough to bring their kings back to life, and that is why they stored all of their worldly belongings ready for their return, they even stored the body organs in jars to keep them safe and healthy. Of course we all know that we cannot bring the dead back to life unless in a modern day hospital however the idea was there.

So for years people have seen and used the pyramid to meditate in and to reach a higher state of consciousness and for the healing purposes, yet everyone is under the impression that the pyramid design has to be the same as the great pyramids in Egypt, I can tell you that that it’s not, and I have designed and tested a pyramid that is taller and able to place a chair/wheelchair inside for those that are unable to sit in the lotus position, like myself and still get the same benefits.


The pyramid is a vortex of energy that draws the energy from mother earth and with the copper as a conductor brings you a powerful mind blowing experience and will not only give you healing but will realign your Chakra points, cleanse them and help relax you.

The greatest thing about the pyramid is that you have to do absolutely nothing but sit and relax and it will do exactly what’s needed for you. You can meditate in the pyramid for as long as you like as the energy is encased inside and only gets stronger.

There are two sizes of pyramcopper-healing-pyramid-large-1ids available, depending on the problems. The small one can have a chair or even a wheelchair inside or the large one can house a therapy bed giving a more relaxed experience.



What benefits can the Meditation and healing pyramid help with?

  • Generalised healing of  all aches and pains including headaches and migraines
  • Stress relief
  • Gives energy
  • Cleanses and invigorates your system
  • Balances and cleanses your Chakra’s
  • Session are from half hour to one hour

You can feel confident that when your choose to have a session of healing with the pyramid, that you will be made to feel as relaxed as possible in the surroundings with tranquil music playing and left to receive the healing energies of the pyramid.

Please note that there is no need for you to be undressed during the session of healing or any other healing Nick offers