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Indian Head Massage

What is Indian Head Massage?

Indian head massage is a very relaxing complementary therapy. It involves massage of the upper/mid back, shoulders, upper arms, head & face. It’s aim is to aid healing of the whole person, not just specific symptoms. As with all complementary therapies, therapists cannot diagnose or cure ailments. Rather it should be used as an adjunct to conventional medicine.

The therapy has it’s origins in India, where it is an integral part of daily life. Family members practice the therapy on each other. It is routinely performed on pregnant women, & babies once born. When children reach the age of years, they are taught the techniques. Girls are taught by the mother & boys by the father.

Who can benefit from this massage?

Indian head massage can benefit anyone, regardless of whether or not they have a specific problem.

After having received treatment, many people find it beneficial to have regular sessions in order to maintain health & well being.

How will an Indian Head Massage help me?

Indian Head Massage may be used to help a variety of problems, many of which are stress induced.

Some conditions that it may aid are:

  • Migraine
  • Tension in the back, shoulders, neck & arms.
  • Insomnia.
  • Improve concentration.
  • Hair loss & premature greying.

It is not recommended to have a treatment in certain instances such as a current migraine, sinus problem or if the client is generally feeling unwell.

Practitioners cannot claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe.

What happens during the treatment?

On the first visit,  Helen will take a full history of your past & current health & lifestyle. It is, therefore helpful if you bring a list of medication, prescribed or not, that you take. Helen will then determine whether or not the therapy would benefit you.

You will then be asked to sit in the therapy chair. Initially Helen will require your hair to be tied up, until the treatment reaches the head.

You will be offered the option of having an oil applied to the hair during the head phase of the  massage. Helen will advise you of the oils on offer & their benefits.

The massage begins with the back & shoulders, then proceeds to the upper arms & neck before commencing on the head. It then finishes with a brief face massage.

How will I feel after the treatment? 

After one or two treatments your body may respond in a very definite way. However, it is important to note that everyone is different. Most people feel a sense of deep relaxation & well being. Some people report feeling lethargic, dehydrated, emotional or nauseous. These are all normal feelings & are only transitory and should only last 24-48 hours & are all part of the healing process.

It is important to give your therapist this feedback as it indicates how your body is responding to treatment

Amongst the aftercare advice Helen will give you is:

Drink plenty of water

Eat a light meal

Relax as much as possible for the remainder of the day

How Much Does It Cost?

Indian Head Massage is £25 & the session lasts 30 – 45 minutes

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