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Group or party bookings

Are you having a party with a few friends?

Then why not have a reading party? Enjoy an evening with your friends whilst Nick gives each member of your party a Private 20 Minute, one to one reading giving you guidance and messages from those members of the family in the spirit world.

For an extra spooky evening you can also get your party to join in on some spiritual experiments such as Table Tipping and Human Pendulum. You could even have an audience with spirit as Nick brings through his guides in Physical Trance Mediumship, where you will be able to ask them questions about your life in general.

Your party must have a minimum of six people to a maximum of 10 and to be held at the main host house. Any food or drink (if required) to be supplied by the main host or visiting party/friends. The length of the party is entirely up to you, however Nick will only be there to give readings with the time allocated per person.

£30 per person for reading
£5 per person for the experiments