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Animal Healing

Animal Healing

Nick has a long history of owning and working with and healing animals and started off at the world famous Battersea Dogs and cats home in Battersea in the early Nineties. Nick worked as a kennel hand in the treatment block where he was taught to care and administer treatment to many unwanted and badly treated cats and dogs and built up a strong working relationship with the onsite vets. It was here that Nick would also give hands on animal healing to as many of the animals as he could, and through the healing he realised that he could also communicate with the cats and dogs and was able to pass on important information to the vets. Nick moved from Battersea Dogs home to the RSPCA, where once again he would continue to help lots of different animals from Cats, Dogs, small animals and on occasion horses and even owned his own boarding cattery until he gave it up to pursue his pathway with spirit.

Animal Healing

This is Skotti receiving healing in Skurdalen near Gailo, Norway.

“Skotti was being treated for a high heart rate and was very restless, however he would fall asleep whilst healing was being administered”.

Animal Spiritual Healing

This is Baylei relaxing at the Feel closer to spirit centre after a healing session, Norway.

“Baylei was very nervous dog around men and it took a couple of minute for him to take to me, but instead of walking away, he would back up into my lap and seek out my  hands for more and more healing.” The owner reported an instant change in his all round behaviour especially with his attitude toward men.

Animal Healing

This is Rupert, a 10 year old Gelding suffering from server cataracts and has improved fantastically with on going treatment.


”Although the treatment is on going, there is a huge improvement with his eyes to the point that he is no longer scared of shadows”.


Nick has a unique and calming affect on the animals he meets and most are instantly attracted to his energy. On some occasion the animal will back away once the healing starts but soon realise what is happening and walk into Nicks hands.

All animal are different and need to be approached differently too, so if you have a pet that needs Nicks help, then please contact Nick to discuss the best course of action and price of healing. Please know that all animals can receive healing and distant healing. Distant healing is free of charge but may not be as effective.

If you which to have healing for your pet big or small, please contact Nick via the contact Nick page.

Disclaimer: Nick is not a horse whisperer but is able to communicate to most animals.

Pet Animal Healing and Communication Consultation

Let Nick help you help your beloved pet/ animal. Nick will communicate with them and tell you what might be the issues both mental and physical and will then move forward with administering healing to help over come the problems.

One Hour Session

Price(GBP): £80.00
Special Offer: £50.00

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