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Paranomal Investigations – Exciting news coming


by Nick Humphries

Paranormal Investigations

Exciting news coming regarding Paranormal Investigations.

Locations, dates, prices and more to come soon so please watch this space.

A little about Paranormal Investigation.

Although Nick is a Medium, He has always had a huge fascination with the paranormal and paranormal investigations and finding hard evidence that we can continue to visit or reside in places that we have a connection to through our physical life or in some cases death. He has seen many strange and wonderful things during the course of his own personal life through family ,work and when having taken part in Paranormal investigations across the Uk and abroad.

A lot of people don’t realise that there is a difference between Spirit and Ghost and can easily get confused so let me explain.

A ghost is a memory of a person or indeed a place that get replayed just like film, mostly the very fabric of the building is holding the memory of the event that one happened or person that once lived there. This then explains why ghost walk through walls as in the memory there may have been a doorway, or the ghost that looks as though it’s walking through the floor, this is because the floor levels have changed since they lived there.

A spirit is an intelligent energy and able to interact and communicate in different ways, from moving and throwing things to making tapping sounds in response to questions and also talking through different specialist equipment or a medium. Spirit are also able to touch you and in some cases overshadow you so you can feel their presents more, and can make you feel differents things depending on the spirit. It can be quite normal to get a sick or drowsy feeling and in other ways you might feel overly happy or emotional and even anger, but this all depends on the spirit that is making contact as they like to impress on you how they feel or how they were as a person when they lived.

Nick has a huge range of specialised equipment he uses for his paranormal investigations from static and portable night vision cameras, EMF metres, thermal imager. voice boxes and much much more. During an investigation you’re able to use the equipment and take part in some of the experiments that the group do in a safe way, in order to get the spirit to interact with you.