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Physical trance mediumship development & channeling group

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This event is running from 28 November 2016 until 29 May 2017. It is next occurring on 3rd April 2017 11:00 am

Trance mediumship development & channeling group
A weekly group that is teaching you to blend your energy the the energy of spirit in a safe a loving environment.
Have you ever been interested in the physical side of Mediumship or channeling words from Spirit ?
When working sitting for spirit, do you ever feel they tend to get a bit closer to you every time?
Do you need to learn or understand how to control and trust yourself when working with spirit?
Have you already sat for the energy of Physical Trance/Trance Figuration or channeling spirit but need to enhance what you already do? Or just need a group you can trust and be able to sit for spirit in a peaceful and spiritual environment.
Week by week you will learn how to invite the spirit energies to blend with yours in different ways, and in a safe way. We will use different tools to enhance the experience, from the Trance cabinet, Pyramid and music. You will also learn to work your guides and the loved ones of the group, along with the physical movement and changes that spirit bring to give greater evidence of who they are.
The group is set in a loving and relaxed energy with only your development in mind.
If you would like to be a part of this group or any other group that Nick holds, please call 07970 668307 or sign up to Nick’s news letter.

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