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  • Readings come in many different forms, such as the Tarot cards, Runes, Palmistry and many more, all dating back thousands of years but all doing the same thing. They give you information about the things that are going on around you at the time and also guidance about the situation and sometimes the things that are up and coming. Some even call it “fortune telling” but this is not the case.

    Nick is not a “Fortune Teller” but offers a range of different readings ranging from Tree readings, card readings, Mediumship and Trance that will help give you guidance.

Group or party bookings

Are you having a party with a few friends? Then why not have a reading party? Enjoy an evening with your friends whilst Nick gives each member of your party a Private 20 Minute, one to one reading giving you guidance and messages from those members of the family in the spirit world. For an […]

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Physical Trance Mediumship Reading

Physical Trance Mediumship Reading Physical Trance Mediumship Reading is the most powerful reading you will find as Nick allows a guide called Two Hawks to use his physical body where he changes Nicks facial features and voice into his own so you will be able to see the change for yourself. Two Hawks was a […]

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Email Reading

Email Reading This is a six card reading with full scan and description of cards used along with their meanings with any information I pick up psychically. The reading will be approximately 1300 words and be with you within 48 hours. Please specify what you would like the reading on. (Please note that email readings […]

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1:1 Skype Telephone Mediumship Reading

Psychic Mediumship Reading If you are looking for a Psychic Mediumship Reading over the phone or via Skype we can help. Nick offer a Psychic Mediumship Reading for you in in the comfort of your own home via telephone or Skype. During the reading Nick uses three different aspects to give you a more in […]

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