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International Medium Nick Humphries

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Nick has over 2 decades of experience and has had a link with spirit since birth. His earliest memory of seeing spirit was of a man standing at the end of his bed and then at various other places that he visited and at the edited pictureschools he went to. As a boy he knew he was different but kept it quiet and often found himself on his own. He started to learn and develop more of an understanding during primary school as he was told by spirit what he was to do once his schooling had finished. Nick sat with many masters and teachers and in many development groups to learn as much as possible before he started offering readings to friends and family.

He finally gained enough confidence to offer his readings to the public when he started to do Mind, Body and Spirit fairs. Nick continued his normal nine to five job. In fact, Nick went through several jobs from supermarkets, electrical retail management, Animation paint making and worked with animals but never really felt right and got easily bored and knew that he had to take a different path in life.

He has gone on to work on the platform in churches and on the big stages of theatres across the UK, India and Norway as well as hosting his very own online radio show called “” on Blogtalk radio as well as many other shows . Nick continues to do readings and demonstrations at Mind, Body & Spirit venues throughout the UK and abroad, and has acquired himself an international following. Along side all this and as well as seeing his own clients, Nick now teaches Mediumship development across the world to all that are finding that they are looking to reach that higher vibration.

Nick was the first Medium to be broadcast live on indian TV and has since appeared on Indian TV 3 times and is looking at adding many more appearances on tv across the world.

Even though Nick is a busy person, he  never forgets his background and how hard it was for him to pursue his pathways or passions and is always found doing something for charity, whether that be a show to raising money or volunteering for a worthwhile cause.

Nick is also part of a self funded paranormal group “United by Spirit Paranormal Investigators”

Nick loves his work with the spirit and that comes across when he does a live show or interview as he has a unique rapport with the spirit world and gives thanks everyday for the love, help, support and for the work they bring to him

Nick now shares his knowledge and experience with all that are interested in learning about developing their awareness and mediumship and healing.